2017 Gran Prix of Gloucester Cyclocross Race

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2017 Gran Prix of Gloucester Cyclocross Race

October 14-15, 2017
Stage Fort Park in Gloucester, Massachusetts

The Gran Prix of Gloucester is two days of international caliber races where competitors from all over the US, Canada & Europe converge to race on the most beautiful race course in North America.

Take a dramatic harbor front park at the height of fall foliage season. Set up a twisting grass, dirt and asphalt racecourse with challenging obstacles. Unleash a crowd of world class cyclists to charge through the sharp curves and jump the barriers. Add screaming, cowbell ringing fans incited by a dynamic announcers. What do you have? One of the premier bicycle races in the country, right in Gloucester.

About Cyclocross: The most spectator-friendly form of bicycle racing, regardless of whether you’ve seen a bicycle race or not, cyclocross can be enjoyed by everyone. Cyclo-cross (or just ‘cross to the throngs that race week in and week out) is a relatively new discipline of cycling in the US. Though it’s been around since the early 1900′s in Europe, it wasn’t until the 1970′s that cyclocross races started sprouting up in the US. Often called the “steeplechase of bicycle racing” cyclocross races are fast-paced and are dramatic for spectators. Riders compete on a twisting course comprised of grass, asphalt and dirt. At several parts of the course, riders are forced to dismount their bikes and run up steep terrain or jump over obstacles.

For more information please visit: www.gpgloucester.com

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