Annual Berkshire Highlands Pentathlon

April 1st, 2017

Berkshire East Resort, Charlemont, MA

The Annual Berkshire Highlands Pentathlon will be held on Saturday, April 1st @ 11:00 am and features many of the best outdoor adventures in the Charlemont region. The race can be done solo or as a team.  (The Five Events) This year’s event will begin at Berkshire East Mountain Resort with a mass start, 4.2 mile road/trail run, then transition to a 16 mile cycling leg along the scenic Deerfield River. The next tranistion, at the Mohawk Park, begins a 2 mile kayak/canoe race down the Deerfield River, From the kayak leg take-out, the transition for a 2 mile obstacle course brings competitors into the base area of Berkshire East. Finally a climb to the summit (1,000 vertical feet) of the ski area, finishing in a downhill ski/board course to the finish. The beginning of April is usually referred to as the “Transition Season.” It may be a bit cold for road biking and kayaking and a bit warm for skiing, but where else can you do it all on the same day?It’s a perfect time to host an event that combines winter and summer activities.     





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