Places to Ice Skate in Boston

Ice skating is a great and fun activity to do any time of the year, and there are plenty of indoor rinks in the area that offer an array of skating programs or just public hours to go for your leisure. Check out the top 3 places below for the most recommended rinks in the Boston area:


Porrazzo Skating Rink 199 Coleridge Street, East Boston, MA 02128 Tel: (617) 567-9571
Located in East Boston, Massachusetts, the Porrazzo Skating Rink is a public ice skating facility with an indoor rink, great for any time of the year. Overseen by the Department of Conservation and Recreation, the arena is a full service skating facility that offers a wide variety of skating programs for anyone and everyone. Offering up Public Skating Times as well as amenities for Parties and Youth Hockey Leagues, The Porrazzo Skating Rink is great for a fun, family-friendly activity to do.


Steriti Memorial Rink 561 Commercial Street, Boston, MA 02109 Tel: (617) 523-9327
Steriti Memorial Rink is the place to go for indoor skating if you’re itching to get your skates on. Glass panels surround the indoor rink, which allows easy access to great views of the North End as well as the harbor. Additionally, skate rentals only cost $5 and skating is actually free! There’s definitely nothing better than being able to skate and have a great time, in a rink that has a great maintenance staff to fight off toe pick holes and hockey ruts from the leagues that play there. Check it out if you’re looking for a great indoor rink to skate at, that is also convenient and accessible by the T.


Simoni Skating Rink 155 Gore Street, Cambridge, MA 02141 Tel: (617) 354-9523
Simoni Skating Rink is another indoor rink that’s great to skate at year-round. The ice is very well maintained and doesn’t suffer from too many holes and ruts from others using the rink. Great for family-friendly activities, as well as many skating programs for anyone interested in skating or playing hockey, Simoni has it all. Also overseen by the Department of Conservation and Recreation, this indoor rink is a full service skating facility for anyone and everyone, with a clean, safe, and well-maintained facility.


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