Red Sox Home Opener 2015

Fenway Park

There’s one day during the year that gets everyone in Boston excited. One day that livens up the city a bit more than usual. That day comes in the form of MLB’s Opening Day in late March or early April. Opening day has captured the hearts of America for well over 100 years and will continue to do so for many more.

The Red Sox, one of the MLB’s oldest clubs, have called Fenway Park home since 1912. Opening day has meant the opportunity to return home to Boston from spring training in sunny and warm Florida and start the season strong. This year, the Red Sox Opening Day home game is on April 13, against the Washington Nationals. The Nationals are coming off of a successful season last year, and will look to start off strong again this year. The Red Sox, though, are itching to get back to Fenway and right the ship after a disappointing season last year. Check out their complete season schedule here.

A recent petition aimed to get Opening Day recognized as a federal holiday; it’s that big of a deal to Americans. In Boston, it’s even more special. To Bostonians, the Red Sox are more than just a baseball team; they’re our baseball team. Walking down the city streets, you’re bound to run into people sporting a Red Sox hat, shirt or some other accessory. Many of them are sure to be in-tune with the off-season trades, acquisitions, movements, and other team related news. While there are quite a few new faces on the Red Sox roster this coming season, fans anxiously await for Opening Day to arrive at Fenway Park. After all, it’s the only day during the new season in which the entire roster is named.

Not able to make it to Fenway for Red Sox Opening Day? Watch at home or out with friends! If you’re in the area but can’t find a ticket, check out some great bars and restaurants to watch the game. Tickets for Red Sox games are hard enough to come by during the regular season, let alone opening day. Wherever you find yourself on April 13, you can watch the game. Speaking of TV, you don’t need to wait until the 13th to watch a game! The Red Sox start the season away in Philadelphia against the Phillies, and then travel to New York for three games against arch-rival New York Yankees.

We hope to see you out supporting the Boston Red Sox during opening day on April 13th!

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