Teams in the Beanpot Tournament – 2015

62 Years ago, four then-ECAC schools came together to make up the Beanpot teams, Boston University, Boston College, Northeastern University, and Harvard. While three of these teams, BU, BC, and Northeastern, have since left the ECAC to join Hockey East, they still meet at the TD Garden every February. Each team has stories to tell from its years at the Garden, and has claimed the Beanpot for its school numerous times.

Boston University is the most successful school in the Beanpot tournament, claiming 29 titles over the years. Previous 40-year head coach Jack Parker won three of those as a player and 21 more at the helm. There have only been a few times where BU undergraduates go their four years WITHOUT winning the Beanpot trophy. The sheer number of wins has resulted in BU students nicknaming the Beanpot the “BU Invitational.” After all, they nearly have as many wins as all of the other schools combined.

Boston College takes the title of second most successful of the Beanpot teams, with 19 tournament titles to their name. As of late, the Beanpot has been BCs tournament, as they have won it the past five years. The team, and students, aren’t so happy about the “BU Invitational” nickname to the tournament, and are determined to even out the score.

The BC vs. BU rivalry is considered one of the best in college hockey, and the Beanpot only intensifies it. The two teams meet often in the tournament, and it is generally in the finals. One of these two teams has made it to the championship game each year, never allowing Northeastern or Harvard to play each other for the title. While the two have never met in the finals, they have had their share of success over the years.

The last remaining ECAC member, Harvard, has also had their share of success with the tournament, boasting 10 titles. Most of these titles came from a dominating stretch by the Crimson during the 1960s and 1970s. While they won their last Beanpot in 1993, their last three finals appearances since then have all gone into overtime.

Northeastern’s team has won the Beanpot the least out of all four of the schools, only claiming 4 trophies since 1952. Their first Beanpot championship came in 1980 from an overtime goal by Wayne Turner, and their last championship was in 1988. The 1980s were a dominant period for the Huskies. While they have not won, the Huskies have appeared in the finals the past two years.

At the end of the day, whether teams win or lose, the Beanpot brings the best hockey out of all four participating schools. It often gives the college hockey world a chance to see several of the teams in contention for the NCAA tournament in March. These teams look forward to playing in the tournament every year, and we are glad to watch them battle it out on the ice.

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