Where to Watch the Boston Marathon

Watching the Boston Marathon is always quite an event itself. Between the crazy support posters you may see to the energy from the rowdy crowd you are bound to have a good time. It all comes down to one essential question, where to watch the Boston Marathon. It all depends on what type of crowd you want to be a part of, what part of the race you want to see, and how early you are willing to get up to find a prime viewing spot! This guide will cover prime Boston Marathon viewing spots from the lesser known to the ever-popular spots along the entire route.


The Starting Line: Watching the start of the Boston Marathon has mixed reviews. It can be very crowded making it hard to view the runners, but the excited anticipation of the race is also something you can’t find anywhere else. One popular spot to stand is on Frankland Rd- the runners come downhill and it gives you a good vantage point for viewing. Get there early though!

Boston Marathon

Mile 2-5 in Ashland: If you stay near Ashland Stake Park there should be plenty of space for spectators.


Mile 5-8 in Framingham: The crowd tends to thin out near the railroad station by Waverly Street making it a great location to set up camp!


Mile 8-11.5 in Natick: The most popular place to be is on the town green, but beware you will need to get here early to get a spot. Remember, the early bird gets the worm and the same goes for viewing the race in Natick!


Mile 11.5-16 In Wellesley: You can set up near the college if you want to be part of the “scream tunnel” or near the town hall if you prefer to be a little further away from the rowdy college crowd.


Mile 16-18 in Newton: Newton is notorious for its hills that are the make or break for most marathon runners. You can stand near the Newton Fire Station or on Commonwealth Ave for good views.


Mile 20-21.5 in Chestnut Hill:Put down your roots on heartbreak hill to see the most grueling part of the marathon.The roads tend to be a bit wider here so there is normally a fair amount of space for spectators.


Mile 21-22.5 in Brighton: Find a place in Cleveland Circle but try to get there early to snag a good spot. From here on the crowds start to become thicker and thicker.


Mile 22-24 in Brookline: If you can find a spot near Kenmore Square on Beacon Street you will be able to see the runners as they start to pour into Boston.


Mile 24-26.2 in Boston: Be warned, trying to find a good spot along this route can be tricky! Once you start to make your near onto Boylston Street by the finish line the streets will become packed. Get there early, wear a pair of comfortable shoes and be prepared for a wild ride! Cheering on the runners and seeing the winner of each division is an amazing experience. Another tip is to find you and your friends a nice little spot in one of the bars that lines Boylston Street, view our bar lovers guide to the Boston Marathon for more information.


There are so many places where you can watch the Boston Marathon! We hope our guide helped you find the perfect spot to cheer on the runners of the Boston Marathon. Happy Marathon Monday!

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