Boston a Finalist In U.S. Bid for 2024 Summer Olympic Games

On December 16th, the United States Olympic Committee (U.S.O.C.) announced that they would be moving forward with an international bid for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games.

The final four cities selected were Boston, Los Angeles, Washington and San Francisco, who each pitched their city’s accommodation plans to the USOC board of directors on 12/16.

According to chairman Larry Probst, the USOC “voted unanimously to move forward with a bid, and that the committee would “pick the city we think has the best chance of winning the competition from other cities around the world.“

In a statement from the Boston 2024 Partnership Group, Boston “would be an ideal host for the Summer 2024 Games, including our world-class university partners; the region’s thriving innovation, technology, financial, medical and hospitality sectors; our widespread government, business and community support; and a unique plan for a walkable, sustainable and cost-effective Olympics.”

As of right now, there is no set date for an announcement from the USOC, but many reports say a decision should come by mid-January.

The International Olympic Committee is set to decide on a host for the 2024 Games in 2017, preceded by a finalist announcement in May 2016.

The U.S. announcement comes just a day after Italy made the announcement that Rome would spearhead a multi-city bid.

Stay tuned for the announcement from the U.S. Olympic Committee as to who will represent the U.S. for a chance to host the 2024 Games!

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